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Adoni Property Group is a privately held organization with over 20 years of experience in the development, investment, ownership, and management of high-quality and vastly diversified real estate assets. We handle all aspects of the real estate life cycle from acquisitions and architectural and engineering design to construction/development and property management.


Adoni Property Group strives to construct beautiful buildings and properties across all acquisitions, creating a long-standing reputation for excellence and expertise. We are recognized within the industry as a leading firm that is strong and stable. We have developed various types of properties including but not limited to luxury apartment complexes, active adult communities, retail shopping centers, office buildings, and industrial spaces.


As owners of all our properties, our real estate management team is designed to give all our properties individual attention by concentrating on managing each property with each one’s specific needs in mind. Our mission is to provide our residents and commercial tenants with unique, comfortable, and attractive living spaces in enhanced surroundings while offering hands on service. In addition to its residential division, Adoni Property Group also has an extensive commercial portfolio of retail, office buildings, and industrial space.


With an expansive portfolio, each of our tenants are privy to a unique form of communication as we not only own but manage all of properties and are involved in all phases of the development and maintenance process. We are constantly implementing comprehensive and preventative maintenance as well as initiating capital improvements to maintain the highest quality residential and commercial buildings. As a distinguished brand across residential and commercial areas, Adoni Property Group has been celebrating enduring success alongside our clients, tenants, and vendors.

Modern City


Adoni Property Group’s Leasing Team brings experience and expertise to the table – and it pays off. The team consistently builds quality communities through careful tenant selection policies. As the property owner for all the buildings we manage, Adoni Property Group is directly responsible for daily operations and maintenance for the entire existing asset portfolio. We also employ full-time property managers to provide daily oversight of development projects. Our primary focus is to make life easier for our residents. We employ practical strategies by planning and implementing preventive maintenance in addition to timely response to all maintenance issues.


We choose locations that give you access to everything the local community has to offer, from shops to restaurants to art and entertainment and active living hotspots. 

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